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hd at ultra dma 2

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  • hd at ultra dma 2

    in windows, my primary hard drive is running at ultra dma 2, not 5.

    what are the possible causes of this?

    I do have a dvd drive as its slave--would this be the problem? (On my secondary, I have another hd as master and a cdr drive as the slave and that hard drive is running fine at ultra dma 5) :blah:

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    Never slave a ROM drive to a hard drive as the IDE channel will default to the slowest drive's speed. Put ya HDD's on one channel and the ROM's on the other. ;)


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      but how come my second hard drive that has that cdr drive as it's slave is working fine?

      I'll move everything around so the hard drives are on the same channel when I get home from work.:thumb:


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        Actually I would've figured the burner to give ya the probs as they don't like bein' slaved but PC's will do strange things. :)


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          that's why we love/hate them so much :blowkiss: :grr:

          man, if I wouldn't have run that test, I wouldn't have even known my hard drive was under-performing!


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            ok, so I moved the two hd's on the primary channl and put the two rom's on the secondary and voila, I now have ultra dma on my primary.

            BUT I still get a ridiculous low 6419 score on the sandra benchmark on my master drive! I get a 25000 something on my slave. I'm baffled...

            They are both seagate barracuda's.

            you think wiping the drive and starting over would fix this?


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              I'm baffled as well. :?: