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WD 120GB 7200 problem

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  • WD 120GB 7200 problem

    Ok, i know this is sorta weird but youve gotta help me.

    I shut my pc down one night, and I went to turn it on next day and WinXP said Unmountable Boot Sector, so I booted from the WinXP CD it said I had 115gb free out of 115, i tried fixing the boot sector, no good.

    I rebooted into my WD Lifeguard Utilities Disk and ran a diskerror scan and it was all good, and it said I had 99GB free out of 115, which was what Windows should have said, luckily, i had nothing important so I just reformatted and had to reinstall Windows, can anyone tell me what happened?

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    I've read a bit about this in a lot of places on the web, you are not alone in this experience.

    Here is a handy page with a couple of repair options in case this occurs again;

    The MSKB has a couple of articles as well. The second link below states there is a critical update to address the issue;;en-us;Q297185;en-us;Q315403

    Best of luck to you!
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      i had tried it, didnt work, never tried the chk command