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Highpoint winxp raid problems?

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  • Highpoint winxp raid problems?

    just installed a highpoint rocketraid card on an intel 845 pebt2 mobo....i have set up the array in the raid bios..and now I am trying to install xp pro....but when it starts to reboot after the first leg of installation it starts the process all over again.....what am I doing wrong?????

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    my guess is that you need to tell your bios to boot off the raid controller, there should be an option for it where the boot order is setup. alternatively, it might be that your system, being set to boot off cd, is booting off cd at the next stage, instead of booting off the raid - possibly the boot cd is not recognising the raid as a bootable volume and is automatically starting setup...

    try after stage 1, remove the cd and let it boot, if it fails, check the bios and try again.