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  • Locked Hard Drive

    OK. I bought a WD 10 GB HDD from a vendor who claimed it was 100% right. However, when I try to bring it into the system it refuses to be partitioned with fdisk, will not format, and the message is "Drive locked." I tried to use DOS, entering unlock c: but no luck. Scandisk runs and shows no errors on the drive. How do these things get "locked" and how do you "unlock" them. The drive appears to run, warms up etc...Any thoughts out there?

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    Ok I a similar thing with a Seagate drive not long ago and Seagate supplied a tool to fix this so I'd contact WD as they're likely to have a similar one. That drive has just been locked by a security code so it's likely that it was from a commercial PC or someone who was a bit too security concience. ;)