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Raid and Bios Disaster

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  • Raid and Bios Disaster

    I am setting up Raid with 2x80 gb hd....I have a Silicon Image 0680 pci raid controller, both drives set up as master running on seperate ide cables from the controller....i am using a new intel d845pebt2 motherboard...I am running XP pro as my operating sys....but what my real trouble is is that I do not have the option to enable RAID in my do I get this option as I have already gone through the process of setting up raid through window but it does not give me the option to set up the array...please help...also looking for a bios tweak for this board and chipset.............respond to .. [email protected]

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    if your raid is going though a pci card, then there wont be a setting for it in your bios, seeing as it would not normally be a part of the mobo...there may be a bios on the card that you may need to access...did you press f6 when installing winxp to setup the drivers for the raid card?