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  • Serial ATA soon...

    Soon there will be serial hard drives, and for some reason a few retailors will no longer stock the rounded ATA-100 cables. To date can not find an ATA-133 shielded cable like the goliath ATA-100.
    ! At this point I gota wait like a year for reasonable priced GF3, and only wonder about the GeForce4.
    Also is the worry about the Abit KR7a mobo + DDRam + finally going over to the darkside AMD cpu.... now, gota add serial hd and shelf my 30GB 7200rpm ATA-100 pair.
    Man u try to improve 1 or 2 items and you end up spending a fortune bringing up the other stuff and all the replaced items keep piling up in the closet! Eventually will have to go the nic + cable ISP and add these 56K dialup external modems to the closet (robotics and supra.)

    The problem is I can not find much detail on upcoming serial hd and how their performance will make obsolete the ATA-100 or even ATA-133 hd. And must the serial hd plug into mobo go to different type slot, or mayby use the dreaded USB connector. At least the rounded IDE cable are nearing $5 now but the goliath shielded rounded ATA-100 is near $30. ?What is the serial hd cable gona set me back, as my main savings is for the DDRam 512MB sticks (X3)+ mobo to use them, esp since going to the 487 pga PIV vs Athlon XP is a deciding factor in the mobo usage.

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    The only thing I know about Serial ATA is that it will be here shortly, Intel has no plans to introduce ATA/133 support in its chipsets, they are waiting for SATA drives to arrive :smokin:


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      What is serial ATA? Why would intel hold out for? Is it WAY faster than 133 or just a more reliable/cheaper/whatever?


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        found some info on serial hd
        seems this up and coming system has been in the works since early 2000. Expect prices to near normal ATA-100 by xmas '02.
        .. sure want this 600MB/s hd !
        I can not even remember punching cards anymore, but did find a ticker tape old star trek game... now to find a reader so can try & compile it. Man things were alot simpler in the 70s.


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          im not upgrading my mobo and hdd until this serial coolness is available. however i think i read somewhere they are going to introduce 333MB/s then 533MB/s later...
          maybe i should read that serialata site....:frog:


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            Serial ATA will start at 150MB/s, with follow on generations at 200, 400, 600 down the road.

            Serial ATA controllers and HDs will probably hit the shelves late in the year. With integrated controllers on the mobos sometime in the 2nd qtr of next year.


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              Thanks mate! :thumb:

              Had a look at your IP address - nice going telling us ;)


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                I have also seen Serial ata refered to as Internal FireWire. So look at the fire wire specs for a general idea.