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can splitting a hard drive slow performance?

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  • can splitting a hard drive slow performance?

    My hard drive is split up into three drives.can this slow the performance when its getting informatin from juts one drive?

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    Most certianly if ya used an axe to do it. :D

    But I havn't noticed it and all my HDD's are partitioned. ;)

    I'd rather the data savin' setup myself anyway. :thumb:


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      unless theres something different about each disk plate..shouldnt slow it down


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        right i got a seagate barracuda 80 gig hard drive.Its split into three drives as u know.I have everything enabled that i should and i still get low performance marks on benchmark utilitys. Pc mark 2002 only gives my hdd a score of 500.I'm sure this is too slow.please help.i got the new drivers too.


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          also is it possible to increase the size of one drive and decreasing another?thanx for the help:thumb:


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            haha u cant change sizes just like that, well maybe partition magic, but its better to reformat with changing sizes

            500, umda etc? i get about 800 with my seagate 80.


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              There are a few pros and cons speed wise,

              firstly, moving files between partitions requires copying via the IDE bus and/or the cpu (Depending wether u have DMA on or not), whereas moving within a single partition only requires the drive to rename the file pointers, so the files stay where they are but the drive displays them in a different location.

              secondly, copying/moving files between partitions under winxp (and over the network i think) defragments the data (in the case of FAT32 at least), meaning that if you are planning on doing a lot of compying between partitions to sort your data etc this may well be a faster option - it's slower for the initial copy but your files will always run faster - i've got nigh on 13000 mp3's on one partition and only about 10 files are fragmented out of all those.

              so weigh it up, along with the normal things like the ability to format ur OS and leave ur data, or the small space differences in the drive's usable capacity etc etc.
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