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  • Hard drive, need help!

    My Maxtor 30 G seemed to fail yesterday, wouldn't finish booting into Windows XP, no matter what I tried.

    Installed a new WD 80 G and got WXP Pro up and running, but I desperately need a couple files off the Maxtor. It just won't boot into XP on the new WD no matter what way I try and install the Maxtor, as Primary slave, Secondary master, slave. Paying attention to the jumpers of course. It stops at booting and HDD light stays on just like when the Maxtor originally failed.

    I was able to boot into a kind of Dos?, from a TechWorm v 5.4 bootdisk, and by running ntfsdos.exe on the disk I could look at my drives on both Hard Drives. But I can't seem to copy to another drive, "access denied" when I try to copy to the WD. I can get files to floppy, but I need a big file, over 30 MB.

    If I could get XP to boot, then it seems I could easier copy over what I need. Need some help please.

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    let me see if i got what ur saying. ..

    your maxtor quit. Then you bought a new WD and installed XP on your new WD (and able to boot up into XP) but the Maxtor won't show up?

    Have you tried reinstalling XP on the Maxtor?

    it;s possible your maxtor is :snip:


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      The Maxtor failed, just won't boot.
      Installed the new WD, installed WXP, got it going, but when the Maxtor is plugged back in either as Secondary master, or Primary slave, the system will not boot, acts just like it did when the Maxtor failed at first. I can boot to floppy (Dos) with both HD's hooked up, but not to Windows


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        Sorry to hear and even sorrier to say that all the information can't be worth the cost of possible retreival. :cry:

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          Don't know if the prices are still accurate, but the last I saw was about US$1,000 per GB of drive space to recover. And this didn't guarantee data integrity, just the attempt to recover any information on the disks.
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            It would be much cheaper to buy an axe an partition that sucker (angle grinder and benchvice even). :devil win


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              Have you tried a
              format /mbr
              on the Maxtor?

              If you can somehow manage to get Windows running on your WD with the Maxtor recognized as a drive, this utility may be able to help.

              How about the ol' freeze the HDD trick fellows?? It can't hurt to try it at this point can it?
              Seems to me we have reached that level of desperation.
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