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raid 0 with different drives

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  • raid 0 with different drives

    From what I understand from reading this forum is that to set up a raid 0 two of the same hard drives should be used. My question is that I have a 60 gig Maxtor and a 60 gig western digital. can a raid be set up with these. Or will that not work. I have a ASUS A7V133+raid mother board and would like to take advantage of the raid controller. I also have a Maxtor 120 gig drive is it possible to set up a partition in it and have 60 gigs of it raided with 60 gig of my western digital or am i just talking crazy talk now?
    Well if some one can clear this up for me I would be very happy thanks :confused:

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    You can RAID the two 60s, but you will be limitied to the performance level of the slowest. You won't be able to RAID a partition of the larger drive, though, as I don't believe there is a means to control the other partition from the RAID controller when it is being used for an actual array as well. You can, however, use the 120 on the primary IDE channel and then also have the RAID with the pair of 60s. That should work out just fine and then you can decide which one to use as your bootable drive since the system would see two 120GB drives to work with. :)
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      Setting up RAID on two partitions can be done, so says my boss. He mentioned one time that hes seen a software-level RAID using one drive and two partitions, but i have no idea why one would want to do that as it would be limited to the performance of that one drive, and instead of making it faster it may make it slower as it has to keep moving from one partiton to another all the time. Think of it as a massively fragmented hard drive. But the system he saw used RAID 1. Guess the guy thought if he lost one partition he could still have the other. :confused:

      The two 60's of different manufacturers will work fine, however, since even same speed drives of different brands are going to be 2-5% different in speed, maybe more. If the WD is a 8.9ms drive and the Maxtor a 9.5ms drive, youll be limited to 9.5. Not really worth the effort of spending more money to get matched drives. But if your going to compare HDD Scores online, dont get mad when the guy with two of the same drives that you have one of is just ahead of you. No biggie, just a heads up.