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Raid 0 on a ASUS P4PE, anyone, help???

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  • Raid 0 on a ASUS P4PE, anyone, help???

    This board has only one IDE RAID controller. The manual is telling me to hook up two identical drives as master, but use one IDE HDD on the PRI_RAID_1 controller and hook up one SATA HDD to either one of the two SATA controllers with serial or parallel cables. What???? Use one IDE HDD and one SATA HDD????? With parallel cables??? How do I use my identical IDE HDD's in a RAID 0 array? Where do I hook up my second HDD?? To the primary IDE controller? Or both on the same RAID controller cable, with both drives set to master? Please help. Specs are in my sig. The new drives that I will use are WD 40GB 7200rpm.