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help fitting new hdd

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  • help fitting new hdd

    I'm losing my hair and its goign

    I finally got the 2nd hdd (120gig 8mb cahce western digital) which will be my slave disk

    I have fitted it to the pc and attached the cable, correct way round with red strip to pin 1 etc

    My primary drive is a 80gig western digital 8mb cache. I have not altered the jumpers, infact none of the drives have a jumper.

    Now on bootup i get the "insert boot-disk message" but as soon as i disconnect the 2nd drive, all boots up well.......what am i doing wrong ?

    i'm a newbie, dipping his toes into the pc upgrade world, so please be gentle

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    hooray........jumpers, jumpers....i put a jumper on each drive to specify the existing drive as a master and the secondary drive as slave. The pc booted straight up, and after a few seconds a computer management program opened up. It sees the entire drive ( well actually only 111.79 out of 120gb) and i've figured out how to format it to ntfs which is now being carried out as i type.

    The question is having read the instructions that xp supplies, how do i partition this drive into say 3*40gig drives, and secondly it has been assigned drive i

    i have an 80 gig split into c: d:e: f: (4*20) and i also have a writer (g) and dvd (h)

    i'd like the 3 new drives to be g h and i with the writer/dvd moved along....anybody kind enough to explain whta i do step-by step.......thanks in advance:cheers:


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      You can change your hard drive letter by right clicking the drive letter, double clik on my computer, then right click on the drive that you want to change the letter, a window will open, change the letter you wish on the target window, and presto, your drive will be change, but be sure no letter is using the one you specified, so the best thing to do is change it one by one before you reboot, hope this will help, I am using this method on mine.


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        If you're wanting to split the 120 gigger into three partitions, then you're wasting the time formatting. Once the disk is split into the three partitions, each new partition will have to be individually formatted.

        I've heard some folks use Partition Magic to do this, but I'm not particularly fond of this application. Too many horror stories about fragged partitions and lost data for my taste. I've always used the very simple and basic DOS utility; fdisk. You'll want to remove the current active non-DOS partition first, then create the new partitions with the space. After you reboot, just format it like normal.
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          i finally got there in the end after i had read thro XP's help guide a few times. I now have partionned the drive (using xp's disc management system, easy when you know how) into three drives and reallocated the drive letters as hinted their in the end......thanks anyways:thumb: