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    I have a Asus P4T533 I got 2 Western Digital 120 8meg hard drives, and i want to know if anyone knows.. is it possible that i basically ditch the regular IDE channels.. and use the Raid instead?

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    You'll still need ya regular IDE channels for ya ROM drives but if ya mobo has the RAID channels there then just set each hard drive as the master of each channel then follow the setup instructions for building an array. If ya mobo doesn't have the onboard RAID controller then ya'll need a PCI RAID controller card. ;)


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      If you change over to RAID, you'll have to format your drives as new, so make sure you back them up first.


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        so are you saying that if i bought a PCI RAID controller card (for let's say the Epox 8RDA+ board ;)) that i could install XP onto the array and boot from it? just a little curious how the BIOS of a non-RAID board would know to give me the option to boot from the RAIDed drives in addition to the Floppy, CD-ROM, HDD-0, HDD-1...options