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Putting an new hard rive in an older computer

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  • Putting an new hard rive in an older computer

    I need to know how to put a fujitsu 20 gb harddrive into a ibm pentium computer

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    Shouldn't be a problem installing a new harddrive. If you are replacing your current HDD, then simply connect any cables on your current HDD to the new one in EXACTLY the same configuration. If you are keeping your current drive and simply adding a second, make sure the jumper on the second drive is set to slave, and hook up power. Finally, the ribbon cable that connects your current HDD to the mother board should have an unused connector, that goes into the second drive. If you don't have an unused connector, you will need to acquire a cable with 2 connectors so that you can hook up both drives.

    hope that helps :thumb:

    If you have any problems with the drive not being recognized in it's full capacity, you may need to update your mother board BIOS. This shouldn't be a problem if unless your motherboard is pretty old.
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      Your os can also be a limiting factor in hard drive size. You can also use a drive overlay app to get drives recognized if all else fails. Fujitsu may supply it on a disk or have it on their site for download if you need it.