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CD/RW says I\O error !

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  • CD/RW says I\O error !

    I have an Aopen cd/rw that will not work. I hooked the ide cable the wrong way and pushed one of the pins in! Oops! Anyway I took it apart and pushed t\it back and it is straight but I still get the same message. Where the pin hooks to the board and on the other side"back" it does not appear to be loose or cracked. Any suggestions? Thanks, Mark.
    Did not know where to post this message so I tried HDD section.

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    I would say that ya up for a new CDRW as the pin that ya disturbed is no longer receivin' signals thus the error. Have a look at the latest LiteOn CDRW's as these are very quick, cheap and reliable plus will copy formats that others won't (with the right software). ;)