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  • PLease help !!

    Installing Mator 80gb HD 9 plus series on xp . Old partition is a ntfs or something and I can't get it to copy all xp files to new HD so I can swap them out please help. MSI 6340 mobo can't read disc drives in boot up! 384 mem old drive is Western Digital wd400 new drive is maxtor DiamondMax plus 9. :(

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    Are you using Maxtor's disk utility to do the copy?
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      yes i am using 1.3. but i'm going to try and use western digitals HD utility disk. transfer will take approx. 16hrs. now how do i reboot new hard drive after transfer? under XP?


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        It sounds like something is not hooked up right if it will take 16hr to copy a 40gb drive. I've copied 30gb with Norton Ghost in 40-some min.. How do you have your drives hooked up and jumpered? I also usually make the new drive the master on the primary channel, unhook an optical drive from the secondary channel and make the old drive the seconary master for copying purposes. This allows both drives to work at the same time. In addition, when done, the new drive is already setup to be the boot drive. When copying is finished, reconnect the optical drive and connect (and jumper) the old drive as slave to the new drive if you want to keep it in the system.