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Testing RAID-0

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  • Testing RAID-0

    I have setup my system with RAID-0 using 2 80GB WD Spec Ed 7200RPM HDD. it's the "data" drive on the computer with a 40GB Seagate Barracuda IV 7200RPM HDD to run WinXP and applications. OK, so how do i test to see if the RAIDed drive is really faster? i've captured DV on both RAID and non-RAID drives with firewire without dropped frames that i could tell. i copied 500MB files from CD to both HDD's w/o any real speed difference (both ~ 4.5MB/sec), as well as copying 500MB files form one HDD to the other again w/o and significant change (both ~ 25MB/sec). The windows based RAID manager shows that everything is working correctly, but i'd just like to have some hard number to brag about. also when setting up the array, what Block Size should i use? i've got about 8 sizes to choose from.:bounce:

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    64kb block size, and try to use it as your primary drive rather than your data drive... apps and windoze will load faster...


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      For testing, you might try SiSoft Sandra and HD Tach. Both will give you hard numbers to compare when benchmarking the drive and the array. You should find that the array will outperform the Barracuda. ;)
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        OK thanks for the input, here are the numbers from HD Tach:

        Seagate Barracuda IV 40 GB
        ave read = 36.391 MB/s
        burst read = 57.9 MB/s
        WD Caviar Spec Ed 80 GB (non-RAID)
        ave read = 40.523 MB/s
        burst read = 71.7 MB/s
        2 x WD Caviar S.E. - 160 GB total (RAID-0 with 64k block size)
        ave read = 45.042 MB/s
        burst read = 68.3 MB/s

        MoBo = ABit AT7 with HPT374 RAID
        only had in IDE cable so i've got the RAIDed HDD on one channel as master and slave. the windows based RAID manager said everything was working OK.

        that's an improved ave read speed of 24% and 11% over the Seagate and nonRAIDed WD, respectively. the burst speed dropped with RAIDing! are these number right? i'm new to RAID, but i expecting greated performance gains.


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          You'll get the best results in a RAID array when you use both headers and have the drives set to master. This allows both RAID channels to blow the data to the pair of drives at the same time. Since you have only one cable working, you're not getting optimal results.
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            Guys need help bad !!

            I have 2 x 80 gig drives set up in a raid 0 stripe everything sets up ok and runs for a few boots nice but after installing some progs i get a blue screen on reboot that says something like the
            system/config/software ( dont quote me on that ) could not be loaded or the file is missing or corrupt ??? then just goes into a continuous reboot loop. I have rebult the Raid again but have changed from 64k block to 128 . I have no idea if that will work. If anyone has a handy win2k or XP raid guide i would love to have a look at it :)



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              No one reading this thread ? :(


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                Dont bother fixed it myself .