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Fdisk and 120gig hdd

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  • Fdisk and 120gig hdd

    Hi all. Need some help and advice.

    I currently have a 80gig drive (western digital 8mb cache, split four ways) and am running XP pro (legit version). I hv been offered a 120gig WD 8mb cache as payment for a job i did. Don't ask me why i need so much, trust me i'll find use for it

    Now if i keep my current drive as the master and set this as a slave, would you recommend keeping the 120gig as one whole drive or partionioning it into say 3*40gigs. If 2nd choice, does anybody know a working link where can i get a working version of fdisk that will allow me to partition such a drive, my current version (not sure where i got it from, think i used the win 98 boot disk), will not handle the large drive.

    Secondly having read about hardware changes to XP, would adding another drive require me to reactivate etc.......

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    I would split it into at least 2 partitions, possibly even three. As for sizes, it simply depends on what each is going to be used for. You can work it out.

    Don't worry, you won't need to re-activate after you install the new HDD.

    As for Fdisk, if you are using XP then you should simply be able to use the inbuilt disk management system to configure the drive.


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      sorry to sound a newbie, but if i attach the hdd as a slave to my current setup, does the XP disk mamagement system allow you to create 3 partitions as you suggest or is it better to use external s/w. Would it also configure my cd writer and dvd player i currently have c-f as four 20gig drives g the writer and h the dvd....would adding the 120gig drive and splitting it 3 ways move the virtual drives along the line ?


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        XP Disk Management should be up to the task.

        Yes, the Drive designations will be bumped up accordingly.
        For instance; if you set the HDD as slave on the Primarty IDE with 3 partitions it would become drives G, H, and I - moving your others along to J, K, and L.

        No problem, you are allowed 26 without any fussing around - A & B being reserved of course.
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          What do you guys recommend regards the setup. I currently have one hdd as a primary master and the writer is the secondary master with the dvd secondary slave.

          Should i simply set the second hdd as a slave or as a secondary master. I tend to use the writer quite a bit now if that makes a difference. ie burning data of hdd but hardly ever use cd to cd

          ps. Thanks MR. C for your reply.

          I should get the hdd at the week-end all going well.


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            I'd stick both your HDD's on the priamry cable, with your current one as master and your new one as slave.

            Most CD burners seem to function better when they are the master of a cable, so I wouldn't remove that in a hurry.