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New Seagate 40G ST340016A Barracuda ATA IV 40 GB Ultra

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  • New Seagate 40G ST340016A Barracuda ATA IV 40 GB Ultra

    Hey am just boart and Brand new HDD Seagate 40G one and try to install it! The jumpers are on slave because my 20G is on master! But ass I start up my computer it says that primary slave NONE and when i go to bios and go to autodetect it wont fint it just doesnt work I dont have much Experience whit computers because im only 16 of age so thats why im asking you the pross here can you please help me ???

    Im running Win Xp Pro
    PIII 933Mhz, 256DDR-Ram
    GeForce 2Mx400 64MB
    20G Quantium fireball 20

    40G Seagate

    I realy prisiat your help thanks every one

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    Check your master drive jumpering as it may have a "Master w/ Slave" setting that must be enabled. ;)


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      even when i discconet my 20g drive and just but the 40g on it wont read it just says nothing not even none primary drive just empty!! So i dont know when insert my bootoble win xp pro cd so i can Format the Hdd but when it gates to the blue screan it says that it could not find eny drivers so please quit!!! So I dont know i need help!!


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        Do ya have the master drive at the end of the IDE cable and the slave in the middle? :?:


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          Yeb the 40G Seagate was setup as a Master and the 20G as a slave then i tryed it the nother way 20G as a master and the 40g seagate as a slave, It run to win xp but really slow it didnt detect it again in the bios the Seagete as a slave dont know why but when i got to windows login it came up whit found new drive

          (F* wq_ -s) Somthing like that it know that is ther but it wont read it proply I have no Ideia what's so ever?? Can it be folty?>?