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  • backing up hardrive

    Every now and then I have to start fresh with a copy of Windows and as you know it is a pain to format and install windows from scratch and all my apps. Where I would like some help is what should I use to make two partitions on my harddrive. Would it be best to use FDISK? My hard drive is 45 GB. So what I want to do is make two partitions one of 5 GBs and the other of 40 GBs. I want to install everything the way I want it CLEAN. Then make a backup and store it in my 5 GB partition. That way, when I need to start fresh I can just use the back up in the partition. Any ideas what should I used to make the partitions and to back up the hard drive? Any ideas would help. Thank you in advance

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    i suggest the use of something like Partition Magic, which you can use to 'hide partitions' that you don't want to access. That way, you'll have your fresh install on a hidden partition, and when you want to use it you simply open up PQ, copy the partition to the other and you're set. And that way you won't accidently kill the backup partitios


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      Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I prefer to use fdisk. I generally create two partitions... the first one is 9-10GB and the other will use the remaining space available. This allows me to throw Windows and my normal Office type programs on the boot drive and install everything else to the larger secondary one. Now when I decide it is time to reformat and start over, I can just dump the C:\ drive and reload Windows and my Office apps. Everything else I just create a shortcut to and I can still access all data I had stored before and also any games. About the worst that I have had happen on my system is that when I put in the Diablo2 disk, it autoplays and can't see that the game is installed on the D:\ partition, but it still plays fine when I use the shortcut.

      Also, Partition Magic has trashed more than one system, so use with care if you decide to go that route.
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