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HDD activity LEDs

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  • HDD activity LEDs

    I have an Antec PLUS860 case.
    It has 2 extra LEDs on the front for HDD or misc.
    Where do I connect these LEDs ? On the mobo ? I don't see any spot for that on the mobo.
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    So you're saying your case has 4 LED's? The standard 1 red & 1 green + 2 more?

    Some mobo's have 2 possible places to hook a HDD LED, usually they are a different pin arrangement is the reason they provide 2.

    Check your mobo documentation as well as the fine print on the mobo itself. Could be that there is no place to plug 'em in though.
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      Some network and IDE cards have connections for these. ;)


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        SCSI cards usually have connections for these extra LEDs as well.

        if you are adventurous you might even try soldering the bare wires from these connnectors onto the LED pins on your NIC that way you'd have a really cool ghetto LED NIC activity light on the front of your case..