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NTFS Hard Drive Question

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  • NTFS Hard Drive Question

    I just recently purchased a hard drive advertised as "new" and when I ran the hard drive on my system, it started to boot up Windows 2000 Advanced so from there I found out its obviously not new. They could of atleast reformatted the drive if they were going to sell it as "new."

    It seems that the drive was formatted in NTFS, how would I be able to format this drive and convert it back to FAT32?

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    Fdisk the drive then format. ;)


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      It won't let me format, I delete the old partitions on the drive and then restarted and got to the command prompt, typed in format and it gave me a "bad command or file name" error. It doesn't do this with my other drive, just the one that was NTFS.


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        It sounds like the file "" is not on your boot media, or not in the path from which you're working. If you are using a boot floppy, you must create a partition using fdisk before you can format. Then the file "" must be on the floppy, preferably in the root directory (so you can find it).