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Loosing all data

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  • Loosing all data

    After I have installed a Promise Ultra133 Tx2 adapter and connected my second 80 GB disk I am getting the following error: "Delayed write failed on E:\$MFT". After that my D: drive shows no data (means it is listed in MS-explorer, but when you cklick on it, no filesystem is found). As I found out, all data is still there, but has to be recovered with a prog.
    What worries me is, will that ever happen to my main-drive? And what can be done to prevent those errors.

    I dont know, if it has something to do with the errorcondition, but everytime this error occurres, my ADSL connection disconnected right before.

    My present configuration can be found at:

    If somebody needs the system-events-list in order to help, I can provide it.

    Best regards

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    did you change the drive from operating at ata100 on one chipset to ata133 on this new controller?

    it might be that the minor timing differences between speeds/controllers has caused the drive to corrupt itself at certain points, maybe try using the drive in its old setup and see if the issue still exists..