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Copying Hard Drives

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  • Copying Hard Drives


    I'm planning to move all of my data from a 40gig hard drive to a larger 60 gig hard drive, what is the best way to do this ?
    IE via a program etc.
    Any helps is much appreciated.

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    There is a program in windows XP. It is under the accessories, but I am not sure of the name of it. All I know is that you need to have the update to the program, but other than that is good for transferring data between mediums.

    I wish I was in XP so I could tell you....sorry:(


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      Sounds like a job for ghost or disk image


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        I use Norton Ghost. Retail drive kits come with utilities for this. Western Digital has thier Data Lifeguard utility suite for download on their site (it only works on W.D. drives though). I'm not sure about the other manufacturers though.

        BTW, I thought the xp utility was just for migrating settings. Anybody know if it can mirror a drive for sure?


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          I hear that Norton Ghost cannot copy drives if they are in NTFS format, if this is true, what other program is availible ?


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            depends on how you are doing the copying. if you are copying an ntfs drive via a boot floppy then the boot floppy has to be able to read ntfs otherwise the source and destination drive must be the same size [just like with a disk duplicating machine].


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              DigitalDD, i plan to copy a 40 gig drive ntfs drive to a 80gb ntfs drive.


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                Newer vers of ghost can and will do ntfs...

                just search for it in your favourite file sharing..... err.... software retailer.
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                  Drive Image is much cheaper than Ghost and works just as well. Note that you must boot from the floppy disks it asks you to create during the install when running on Windows 2000 and XP.