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problems with hard drives and raid

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  • problems with hard drives and raid

    I have two maxtor 80gig ata-133 hard drives and the computer is dectecting both of them in device manager, but only one is visible when I go into my computer (it is detecting them as SCSI drives for some reason, but this dosnt seem to make any difference). Also in the device manager I get an error with the primary IDE channel, it gives the device status as "This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. (code 12) If you want to use this device, you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system." I've tried unistalling then reistalling, with no effect. I've installed the via 4in1 driver pack. I'm guessing this could be a driver problem, but when I install the drivers for it, windows will only find its own, and when I try to do it manually it dosn't find anything (I think this is because the epox driver is not digitaly signed). Also I want to run my slave hard drive using the one of the raid IDE ports as the normal IDE cable dosn't strecth far enough to plug into both drives because I'm using a drive caddy, how do I disble raid and use the port as just a normal IDE one? I'm running an epox 8K3A+, athlon XP2000+, 512mb of DDR2700 ram, sound blaster live SE 5.1 and gigabyte radeon 8500. I'm also running a Leadtec TV200xp tv tuner card, I've herd they can cause some problems.

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    anyone have any help at all...?


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      The onboard raid chip will be detected as SCSI. this is normal. In a raid0 config, the two drives act as one drive with the capacity of both drives added. If you have only 2 hds, both should be set as master and put one on each raid channel. When you say "slave drive", do you mean that you have a third drive? In your bios settings, do you have "plug-and-play os" selected? Also, "resources" set to "auto"? If you disable raid on this board, I don't think you can use the channels at all. If you are running Winxp, it will probably guess correctly when it thinks it has the best VIA drivers.