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HDD not recognized-help!

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  • HDD not recognized-help!

    I've installed my new Seagate 80gb Barracuda IV HDD as the Primary Master
    boot drive and my existing Fujitsu 20gb as the Primary slave on the same
    ribbon cable using Seagate's Diskwizard 2002.
    The PC boots up fine now and recognizes the new 80Gb boot drive, but it's
    not recognizing the old drive at all or providing additional storage with
    it. I've checked the jumper settings and connections all seem fine.
    I've gone into the bios and it's set to check for all drives automatically.
    But it still doesn't think there is a slave device attached.
    Anyone help at all?
    I'm running Win XP Pro

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    What kind of motherboard are we talking here?

    Also, though most mainboards can cope with this item, there really is a SLAVE and MASTER port on the ribbon cable. Making sure that the blue end of your cable is attached to the board, the first connector next in line is for the slave drive and the end connector is for the Master.
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      Have you tried it with jumpers on pins 5&6 and 7&8 as Seagate suggests when the slave is not detected? Is the cable stripe on the slave drive oriented toward the power connector on the slave drive? The secondary connector on the cable could be bad. The power connector on the drive could be bad.


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        I have the jumper on pins 7 and 8 only. (Master device setting)
        It says to put a jumper on pins 5 and 6 as well if the drive doesn't work as a master and you have a non ATA compatible slave (I wasn't aware it was)

        This is probably a daft question, but as you only get one jumper with the drive, how on earth do you put an extra jumper on!! (no wisecracks please!)


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          The motherboard is a PC Chips M807 VIA KT-133
          Also does it matter what connector is on the master device and the slave? The end ribbon cable connector (furthest from the motherboard) is currently on the slave - the non- detected HDD

          Should this stop it being detected?


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            The end connector must be the master so that's probably what ya prob is. ;)

            Other jumpers arn't hard to get either. :)


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              well, I made the end connector the Master- didn't help:(


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                I took the connector and jumper out. Put them back in again.
                System now recognises it. Go figure!
                Thanks for all you guys help. Much appreciated:)