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Help/Advice in installing 2nd HDD

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  • Help/Advice in installing 2nd HDD

    HELP, Im currently running my PC with a 20gb HDD but i feel i could do with more storage, my mp3s and MPEGS are rapidly filling up the free space, I have been told that it is easy to do, but i dont know much about it, I have room in the tower for a second HDD but i need to know what exactly it entails to fit a 2nd drive, what kind of questions should i be asking about the drive i want, and what does ATA,IDE etc mean with regard to this.


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    IDE is the name of the type of data transfer technology that IDE drives use. As compared to SCSI. Its just a different form factor so to speak. ATA is just simply the "new" speed term for IDE. ATA 66/100/133. As compared to UDMA which is sorta old. You can tell the differnce by looking at the cable and the thickness of the wire. As for putting in a second drive. Simply buy yourself a new drive if its new it'll be ata 66/100. If its a maxtor it'll have ata66/100/133 depending on the model. As for hooking it up. How many cd-rom drives do you have? Basically its a matter of where you put it. If your setup is like mine then you would put your "second" HDD on the primary channel and remember to strap it as a slave. Or else it'll conflict with the master which is the drive loaded with the OS. Then your all set. If you currently have a cd-rom on slave on primary you can put it on master for secondary or slave on secondary or whereever you have a free spot avilable. If you have any other questions or are still confused just ask.:thumb:


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      ATA and ide refer to the same kind of drives, and this is the kind you want. You don't say what kind of motherboard you have, so I don't know whether it supports the ultra ATA 100 or 133 specs or not. The new drive will support one of these specs (which one really dosn't matter), and should be connected with a 40 pin, 80 conductor ribbon cable. A retail drive will have this cable with it, an OEM drive will not. You should choose a drive that runs at 7200rpm for performance reasons. If you think that you will want at least an 80gb drive, the Western Digital drives w/8mb cache are a good choice. You should consider making the new drive your boot drive if the old one is a 5400rpm drive. Since you are new at this I would recommend a retail box since they have all the hardware you'll need, plus detailed instructions and utilities for installation.


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        :cool: Cheers for clearing that up for me, i am currently quite keen on a western digital 80gb hd with 2mb cache, 7400 rpm, IDE ATA 100 for GBP84.99. however i notice you reccommend a 8m/b cache what advantage does this have over 2m/b cache?
        In my bios setting they currently read

        PRIMARY MASTER 20548MB




        I assume this means i can connect my second hdd to the primary channel and set it as the slave by moving the jumper/dipswitch

        What kind of ribbon cable/connector to i require for this kind of drive and how can i be sure it will be compatible with my system?

        i am probably asking some stupid questions but 80quids a fair bit of cash too me so i want to get it right!



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          if you have a look inside your computer, the cable that is connecting to your current HDD should have another spare connector hanging off the same cable (or possibly attached to the middle of the cable). If not, then you simply need to get a cable that has three connections.


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            :eek: okey dokey pig in a pokey!

            managed to get into the guts of the computer and this is what i found

            40pin IDE 1 connector which goes to the hardrive,no extra connector 1 to 1

            40pin IDE2 connector goes to CD ROM drive and has an extra connector in middle of the cable, 1to1 with spare connector

            and below these connectors on the circuit board is another connector an ribbon cable that goes to the floppy drive.

            So where does this leave me as there are no connections on the circuit board, can i use the connector on the middle of cable going to the cd rom drive to connect the 2nd hdd too? or do i need to get this type of connector and use it from the circuit board to my existing hdd and use the middle connector on the new cable to connect the new hdd (for some reason this sounds like the correct answer but please confirm (im only a lowly electrician!) Its 2.30am and im tired and going to bed!!.

            ITS A NIGHTMARE GETTING INTO PACKARD BELL PCs two screws and all this plastic crap you ve got to try not too snap

            cheers guys, ill get there eventually!


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              you can do it either of two ways..

              1) Hook up the HDD to the current free spot, putting it on the same cable as the CD-ROM

              2) If they both are actual 40pin cables, then you could simply swap them over, put both the HDD's on the primary and the CD-ROM on the secondary (recommended)


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                :laugh: OF COURSE:laugh:
                couldnt see the woods for the trees!

                Ill order me hdd 2morro, really need to get to bed,ill let ye know how i get on with my installation wen it comes (as you ve probably guessed it ll be the first time iv every done anything to my computer internally). Just like to say thanks to everyone whos replied on this thread much appreciated.

                :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:

                Scotlands No.1 Spark over and out


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                  You should pick up the Western Digital 80GB 8mb cache version from newegg. Only $107. Here's the link:


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                    Oh wait I just noticed you live in Scotland. I don't think they ship there sry :(.


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                      Eventhough the current HDD cable only has one connector, you should be okay. If you bought a retail HDD, every retail drive I have ever purchased has come with a cable that has a master and slave connection. So you can just use the one that comes with your new drive.

                      Have you hugged a Midget today?


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                        Finally got my WD 80gb HDD with 8m/b cache 7200rpm installed.

                        All went well during installaton JOB WELL DONE

                        Thanks all for advice:thumb:

                        (now for the RAM upgrade)


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                          Nice :thumb:. And if you are running XP all you need is a 512mb stick :thumb:


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                            You'll never use that HDD, but its the best one you can buy right now. As for 512, i agree, even thou i only use 256. I like Mushkin or Corsair


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                              Well if you download alot of MP3's and games you can fill them up fast enough.