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Transferring files between HDD's

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  • Transferring files between HDD's

    Hi can anyone tell me a quick method of linking 2 HDD's so I can transfer old files onto my new drive?

    I'm having problems with my old computer, so any methods which just involve linking the drives directly would be good.


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    What is your old computer, and do you have a newer one?


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      I think the easiest way would be to pull the drive from the old computer, change the jumper to "slave" and install it in the new computer, probably on the same channel as the hard drive that's already in it. (As long as you don't move anything while it is running, you don't even have to mount the drive. I've done this with the drive standing on its nose in the bottom of the case so the cable would reach.) When you boot into windows, you will be able to drag and drop files between the drives. When you are done, change the jumper back and put it back in the old machine.
      No parts, no software required.


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        Thanks, that was what I was hoping to do - one other question though. I have win 95 on my old drive and 98 on my new one - will this cause any problems when trying to transfer files?


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          Win 98 should be able to see all of the files on the Win95 drive. The files themselves don't differentiate between OSs i.e. a .bmp file is the same whether it is opened in Win3x or XP.


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            Thanks again. :)