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    I have the EPoX 4G4A+ motherboard, and the Maxtor D740x-6L 80GB harddrive. I plugged it into the UIDE1, which is the connector that supports ATA133 as a Primary Master, and i plugged connected my DVD-rom drive to the UIDE2 as Secondary Master. The problem is that the motherboard won't detect neither one, while the Highpoint RAID manager detects only the harddrive. I then change both to the Blue IDE connector and it's both detected, but my harddrive is only running in ATA100 mode. So what i then did is format the harddrive and installed windows 2000 pro. After that, I replugged the harddrive back into the UIDE1 and it works, but the motherboard doesn't detect the harddrive at all. So at the boot up screen, the motherboard only shows the CD rom drive, and the highpoint raid manager would show the harddrive. My question is, if i leave it in that setting, would it cause any harm to my hardware?

    One other question, the Highpoint RAID manager detects and reports my harddrive with the capacity of 80.05GB, while windows shows maximum capacity of 74.5GB. Some sort of round off of the KB?

    I would really appreciate any help or comments. Thanks you:D

    *UIDE is the RED Connector
    *IDE is the BLUE Connector

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    The red connectors are RAID connectors. You cannot connect optical drives to them. The Highpoint raid manager can only see hard drives. On bootup, the BIOS is scanning the standard ide ports and will not see the drive on the raid (this is normal). This setup will not hurt your hardware. As for the size difference, there are 2 reasons. One, hard drive manufactures calculate megabytes/gigabytes differently than Windows (Windows is technically more accurate). Manufacturers figure 1000 bytes is a kilobyte, while it is actually 1024 by technical definition. Manufacturers also advertise the unformatted capacity. Formatting uses some of the native capacity of the drive, so usable drive space is always less than the total drive capacity. The 74.5gb report is an accurate assesment of your usable drive space.


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      Thank you. That really helps.