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  • disposable hard drives

    I wonder if there is a new trend developing? Maybe hard drive advances have moved too far too fast?

    Ibm quits the business after "Deathstar" problems

    Maxtor announces drop from 3yr to 1yr warranties

    Western Digital drops to 1yr warranty on all but their high-end drives

    Fujitsu may have to recall 300,000 drives due to faulty electronics

    Are hard drives on their way to becoming disposable commodity products?

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    Originally posted by bigjackusa
    Maybe hard drive advances have moved too far too fast?
    I beleive this is the reason. I don't think technology is really ready for 200 gig drives?!?!!? lol but truthfully that maybe the actual reason. Its just advancing to fast. Then again maybe there getting lazy on there drives casue there focusing on getting them to 10K RPM? or maybe working on things to get drives on serial ata? Other then that I don't know

    Speaking of IBM I still have no known problems with my flawless deathstar.


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      Well, I'm glad that one of use was lucky at least. Mine sits on a shelf and makes a wonderful paperweight.
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        My experience with Maxtor 72k drives, is that if you use them daily for ~8hrs they last 2 yrs. max. - much less if they're raided.
        I have a steady stream of failed drives being replaced via RMA. I'm sure I'm not the only one - so maxtor must be losing a ton of money
        All the new boxes I get will have Samsung drives in them, since they still have a 3yr. warranty.
        I also put a hard drive fan in every box now as well - I'm not sure yet how much that really helps - but I have seen an improvement - I would still rather have all the drives last 4+ yrs even thought the replacement s are free. Reinstalling the OS & applications is a huge pain on complicated CAD systems


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          I'm a hard drive fan works very effieient. I mean for a deathstar my drive is at 36C right now as we speak. And I have a cheapo fan set up dual 15MM's and I have to oil the left like every couple weeks cause it stops spinning. But when it does spin it spins slower then the other one. So I have one fan and it seems to do the trick. I wonder what temps I would be getting if I didn't have an HD cooler? Anyway my IBM drive has been used practically 24/7 for the past year and still no probs.


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            ReSpAwN DeMoN

            Those are probably 40mm fans instead of 15mm.


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              Definitly not 45ers. Maybe there 30's. What is the size of a Delta Black Label? I think its a 60.


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                HDD coolin' fans are usually 40mmx10mm though some are known at 40mmx20mm. ;)


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                  hmm......then maybe they are 40's if I wanted to measure them how would I go about doing it? From fin to fin? I don't know if this helps much but this is a link to the second version of my cooler. So far the only difference that I can tell in the picture is this one has a split grill and it looks like its eaiser to mount the drive and it has 3 fans. Mine only has two and has a single grill.