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  • hard drive cooler silver

    I am looking for a hard drive cooler,I would like the kind that you put in your 5 1/4 bay. I have a silver/aluminum case and cannot find a silver hard drive cooler. this is as close as I've found but I realy can't tell the color .If anybody has seen this set up and can tell me if it will look o.k. in a silver case orif someone can tell me where to get a silver hard drive cooler I would appriciate it.
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    I read a review on the hardcano 2 a little while back. The front panel is white. I'm not sure if white would look good in a silver background. Also exactly how silver is your case? Like noticibly silver or is it just a little silver and maybe offwhite.


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      Unless there are two different versions around, the front panel of the HardCano II is an aluminum finish (mainly due to the front panel being exactly that; aluminum). I reviewed it a while back, so here's the link for ya:

      Good luck. :)
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        Here's a description of one I know of (haven't used this one though.

        hddHO-FAN (hard disk drive High Output) I didn't think anything would ever beat out our old one but here is the new hddHO after besting the model we
        used for over a year. This is truly a remarkable piece of cooling hardware with the largest and heaviest heatsink I have ever seen in a personal computer. It's darn cool looking too. The two fans pump out tons of air, sorry I don't know the exact cfm spec but you can feel they really move it along in a fast manner. Quietly too, as quiet as our old hddHO. Two better things about this one, it comes with a face plate and it is cheaper by about $5. How can you lose? Comes with two fans that are 20mm thick!! They are big suckers. The heatsink is held on the drive with powerful spring force. This is it.....this is the best hard drive cooling solution going right now and it is priced right as well. The cost is $16 plus S&H. Black and Silver hddHO coolers are $22 each.

        $5 max s/h they say


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          thanx to all. after reviewing all the info you provided, I think I am going to order 1 of each( I have a raid array and 2 open 5 1/4 bays)the cooler from 1coolpc looks to be the better cooler,but the hard canoII has the temp moniters. I think I will move my DVD and CD-RW down 2 slots so the 2 hard drives are on top. then run the hard cano ii on top the the 1coolpc in second from top drive slot. reply if this dosent sound right . thanx for the Info this should be t5he last mod for awhile(I always say that) i'll try to post pics when i'm done
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