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what's up with my raid-0?

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  • what's up with my raid-0?

    I'm trying to set up a RAID-0 with two 80 GB WD caviar drives on my Epox 8K3A+ board using the Highpoint controller and Windows XP. I'm confused because the motherboard manual, raid controller manual and hard drive manual all say different things about the configuration of the drives.

    I originally had both drives on one cable, both set to cable select on the jumpers, on IDE 1 with my dvd/cd drives on IDE 2. I installed Windows, but it would only partition one drive and when I went into the RAID controller BIOS it wouldn't recognize either drive as a primary drive or set up a RAID.

    After looking over the motherboard manual again, I noticed that it said the RAID support is on the secondary IDE channels. How can this be when the hard drive and RAID controller manuals say I need to have my hard drive on a primary channel? I tried moving one drive to the secondary channel, and then both of them (on separate cables), and then the RAID controller recognized the drives and created a RAID, but Windows XP didn't and refused to install because it couldn't find a drive on the primary channel. Also, the RAID controller manual says something about using the floppy disk that came with it to install drivers or something, but when I follow the instructions the disk isn't recognized or Windows says the file messed up. The controller seems to already be working anyway (except for disagreeing with Windows), so do I really have to do this? And where do my cables need to be?

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    Set both drives to master
    Connect each one to a RAID ide connector
    While the machine is booting, you will be able to enter the RAID setup and configure it (use RAID0 if you want to use the 2 drives as one with striping)
    Shortly after Winxp starts to load, you will be given the option to install RAID drivers (F6 I think). This is when you install the drivers fron the floppy.
    Windows will then recognise the array and ask how to format it (NTFS is the way to go unless you have Win9X machines on a home network that need to read the files on it).
    After formating, Winxp should continue to load normally.
    Have fun!