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IDE controlers and HDD conf help

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  • IDE controlers and HDD conf help

    I don't mean to be an annoying noob with too many dumb questions but iam really new to this and need some help.

    i have 3 hardrives one 60 gb 7200 rpm and two 40 gb 5400 rpms.

    i was wondering if it will be better to plug my 60 gb 7200 rpm directly into the motherboard IDE connectors and the other two on an IDE controlers or.....

    If it is justbetter to put the 3 of them connected to the IDE controlers?

    Which configuration is the best?

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    How many IDE channels does your mobo have and what other drive(s) are you using? :?:


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      As I gaze into my crystal ball, I see a bootable 60GB drive with an 80GB RAID0 array on the side for storage. :D
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        Hehe Darth.... :p


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          You really don't tell us enough about your hardware. Are you talking about a pci controller card? Does the mobo support ATA66 or 100?
          Make the 7200rpm drive your boot drive. If the mobo supports ATA66 or 100, make the drive master on the primary ide connector and make it the only thing connected to the channel. Put the other 2 drives on the card, each as a master on its own channel (assuming that it is only a controller card - if its a raid card you will have to configure the array). Remember to use 80 connector ide cables for all ATA66 and 100 connections.