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  • RAID help!!

    i have 2 maxtor 80gb ata133 hdd's in a RAID, when i attempt to capture video (DV), frames are dropped constantly,, whereas when i use my ata100 40gb WD hdd, it captures perfectly!
    could anyone tell me what could be causing this?
    i thought raid was meant to be faster than plain ide?

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    maybe cause the maxtor is 5400? or something? i dunno cable?


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      You might have not configured the RAID array correctly. You should try and do some troubleshooting on your system. Do you also experience problems when you do operations other than capturing video on your 2 Maxtor drives?

      Also whenever you make any major changes to your PC it is always a good rule of thumbs to test it for stability first before you plan to store all your data. Once you test your system and you find that it is rock solid then you may proceed to trust it. Well thats what I do when it comes to creating or modifying a system.... :)

      Which OS are you currently using with your existing configuration?