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  • hdtach

    ever see this thing go UP? lol seagate barracuda iv 80gig

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    Hmm... Mine normally go down during the course of the test. Good for you. :)
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      cool - i've got one of those


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        lol, guess seagate drives are funny

        but i heard they act funny @ ata66 on the hdtach bench, shrugs, gets like 16000 for the sisoft sandra hd bench


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          Ok, Uber geek question... Can a HD with multiple platters write (or read) at full speed to separate platters? Basically, are any current drives able to move and utilize multiple writing heads at the same time?

          And if so how can I determine the exact volume and relative location of where the platters begin, and end. This could be very useful when transfering large amounts of data around from drive to drive, etc.


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            in theory they should be able to, same speeds at same parts of the platter but speeds throughout the platter can vary

            go check your hd on the company's website and find out how many platters there are and heads, then estimate, less platters with more gbs equals higher density and better performance


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              Ok, that is not quite what I was asking.... but I didn't ask clear enough...

              Take a computer and put it on a Fiber Network. Give it an OS hard drive. Give it a secondary HD with TWO platters.

              Now... If I were to make a partition, in the exact middle of the secondary drive, giving me two logical drives (one on each platter). Now, lets say a network transfer allows the secondary drive to read, and send the data at 10MB / Sec. While that transfer is still going, would I be able to start a second trasnfer to somewhere else on the network, and Send data (from the other platter) at 10MB per second as well???

              Can the read arms move independantly as they read or write to their own platters??

              That would absolutly rock if that is true... but for some reason I am under the impression that the heads move as a single unit? (why do I think that? - dissasembling an old HD maybe?)

              I spose I could just try my network idea, but it would be an awful lot of time spent just to see it not work...


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                i think the arms move in sync, not really sure though, i'd think they would...dunno