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  • SCSI vs. IDE

    Hey all,
    I am new to the tweaktown forums and I checked to see if there were any other postings on this I would not be d00ping what has already been done. Well, I did not find anything regarding the following. My love for SCSI has always been there...until recently. I am in the market for a new box and was going to go scsi, but have read a few articles saying SCSI is pretty much useless in a home box...b/c features found in SCSI are most likely needed to be used. It has been a while since I have used IDE as my primary drive and was wondering what people thought? I am also having a difficult time believing that a Seagate Ultra160 SCSI 15k rpm with a 3.6ms seek time and a supposed 68MB/Rotational Speed 7,200 RPM, seek time of 8.9 ms and at Mode 5 Ultra ATA can do 100 MB/s :?: (By the way what is the Mode stuff on the IDE specs on Western Digital, so I am not 100% sure if the 100 MB/s is even a legitimate transfer rate) After doing this research what is the point of getting SCSI (unless doing made daisy chaining or for server purposes), well I just wanted to know what you guys thought on thee age old HD debate....SCSI or IDE. Sorry if some of the sh-t I have said sounds stupid, in which case it is b/c I do not know what I am talking about and need to be clued in!
    saidin :flames:

    For Spec info refer to:,337,00.html

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    The burst rate of the 8MB cache special edition WD's is impressive and its thorough output is not shabby either (though not 100MB/s) but getting close to SCSI. But really SCSI is really only needed where large amounts of data are being moved all the time (large video editing, etc). For the purpose of a home PC SCSI is really a bit over the top as most programs/games won't benefit from it. :smokin:


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      ide for home scsi for high end servers and hot swap scsi even better for servers raided scsi even better


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        Unless you're constantly moving around monster 100Mb+ files you won't notice the difference between IDE, IDE RAID, SCSI or SCSI RAID

        they're all fun to play with though