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wtH?! noise from a new hdd?!

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  • wtH?! noise from a new hdd?!

    ok, so i got a replacement for that last drive that died...

    even got an extra 10GB! they sent a 40 instead of the 30 i had

    welll, ok... BUT

    NOW, i get a WEIRD noise coming from the PC now, which i never heard before the new drive was put in

    "knock (pause) zzzzinggggggggggGGGGGGG"

    is this NORMAL for a NEW hard drive?!

    **** NO!

    what the HELL do they think they are doing?!?!?!

    have i mentioned that i ****ing HATE MAXTOR yet?

    :thumbs do

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    Was it an IBM drive by any chance?
    Cameron "Mr.Tweak" Wilmot
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      Nah ct_ just likes playin' with rooted Maxtor HDD's. :hammer:


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        Ct man it better learn from your mistakes better not be another Maxtor d00d! : peace2:
        - Damien


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          That's got to be beyond aggravating
          I feel for you man:(
          The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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            Some ppl really should learn when to cut their losses and change brands.


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              Well, if they were willing to RMA the drive, I certainly would have given them the opportunity too.

              But at this point, I'd drop 'em like the proverbial hot potato and never look back. I mean....I'd be P#$$ed!
              The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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                no maxtor
                no ibm
                no wd

                seagate 0wns


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                  I think every drive manufacturer has bad batches. I remember back about 4-5 years, IDE segate drives were a dirty word. I remember the company I used to work for sold 50-60 workstations with seagate drives to a school, and ATLEAST two thirds of those drives had to be replaced, and even a very high percentage (50% +) of the replacement drives had to be replaced. We ended up changing suppliers because they refused to sell any other brand.


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                    The way I see it is they do in fact have all there flaws. IBM seems to be the fastest performing drive cause of the more buffer space that it has. But it comes with a price the circuit board over heats causing the click of death sounds. I myself have an IBM Deskstar drive and I don't have anyproblems with it. Maxtor and Western Digital I think seem to be the same with quality and prices I'm not sure about seagate I never used them.


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                      well, yeah it IS another maxtor :snip: drive....

                      i'd GLADLY drop them, but they won't refund my money, and i don't have enough to switch over all 5 drives that i have

                      and a 10

                      all but the 10 have been RMA'd at least twice
                      the 10 has yet to fail, but then i've only had it in use for a few months (i got it for free, so how much can i complain about it?) (yeah, i needed it, i know i shoulda said no ****n way, but hey...)


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                        actually I've had pretty good luck with Maxtor drives - I've probably bought about 40 in the last 2 years...I've had to RMA 4 - but they were from RAID 0 setups w/o HD cooling - I learned my lesson on that one - but at least they were replaced promptly

                        My hardware dealer just recently started carrying WD drives too - so I'll likely be buying those in the future