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  • positioning

    i have a question, if the hd is placed like | | on the case, does it affect anything? d*mn compaq cases

    does | | and = have any difference?

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    Ideally the HDD should be mounted horizontally. Either rightside up or upside down. Shouldn't make a different. They should not be mounted vertically. Will they work vertically? - Yes. Potentially mounting the HDD vertically will shorten the life span of the drive as it will have to work harder moving from the edge of the platter to the center and vice versa (which ever direction it has to fight gravity). It may effect performance for the same reason. This will also depend on the drive.

    I am assuming that you have a micro ATX box, possibly an e-machine(tm)? I have seen the drives mounted vertically in some of those due to space constraints in the box. Probably doesn't matter since they would prefer you buy a new computer from them long before that drive ever gives out:rolleyes2

    Hope that helps
    JM :afro:
    Have you hugged a Midget today?


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      oh, hmm, thanks JM, nah its a compaq...cheapo compaq, oh wells, modding it so that it is elevated from the bottom inner side of the case =P


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        I have not read any manufacturer's recommendations that suggest you not install a drive vertically. Dell used to install all of their Western Digitals upright on all of their mid-tower dimension models.

        I have heard a few thoughts that a drive should be formatted in the poisition it is in before use (souce - Leo, techTV) but Leo can be kind of stupid once in a while (Liberal semi-Mac guy - whattaya expect), so I don't know what to think about that.


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          in all the systems i've ever built (100's really), i've never had any problems of any kind mounting drive verticly or horizontaly

          i've even had a few cuztom enclosures where the drive was at a WEIRD ****n angle, just to make clearance for other parts

          not a single one had any sort of performance hits or reliability issues

          just cuz i know yer gonna ask - NO, they weren't maxtors! and all MY dead drives were horizontally mounted, 6 screws each completly rock solid mount, WITH cooling


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            Yeah Z, I have heard that you should format the drive in the position that you intend to use it. I forgot about that...

            ct, I can understand that vert or horiz, but I would think that bearings and the other mechanical bits would not like random axes, as stresses would be all over the place. I would expect unpleasant noises to develop. Oh well, all things being equal, I defer to experience. : peace:

            Have you hugged a Midget today?


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              hmm thats pretty interesting, oh wells, time to mod and get it horizontal =)