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2.1GB drive but something happned...

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  • 2.1GB drive but something happned...

    I had my regular 3GB hd but it won't boot anymore so I go to my garage and get an old 2.1GB drive it had linux redhat on it. ok I fdisk it delete the nondos partition then the primary partition. then setup a new partition and included the whole drive as primary. However when I restarted and formatted the drive it only read as a 1GB drive, linux took 1.1 before the partition so I don't think its a coincidence. I don't boot to linux but to win98 that I installed and bios reads it correctly. if anyone can understand me, and help that would be great. Thanks for your time.

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    I would say that you have missed doing something in fdisk, which is easy enough to do as I still make the odd one with it on rare occassions. Just fdisk it again but keep your eye on the reported size while you're in it to make sure that you have the whole drive reported correctly and havn't left a non DOS partition behind, namely the linux swap file partition I think. :smokin:


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      kewl thanks I will try that ASAP. THanks


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        The same trick works for an NTFS partition as well. Just make sure to go into the step that allows you to delete any non-DOS partitions and you should get the whole drive back. ;)
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