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  • xp problem help

    i need some help !!
    so now i have set my 2 hardisk to raid o than when i install me i got no problem than now i have problem install xp can some want teach me how to install xp ??

    cpu xp 1700+
    mainboard kr7a-raid abit
    ram samsung 266mhz 256mb
    harddisk maxtor 40gb ata 100 5400rpm
    maxtor 40gb ata 100 5400rpm
    agp gainward gforce2 mx400 32mb

    i also got some problem on me when i install me i cant install the display card driver 1st because it will couse the windows hang and i must install the via service pack 1st

    in xp is while install xp it will hang in the midle and i need some help because in xp it will say is my gforece mx compatible problem before that i dint have this problem afer i have use raid than the problem happen can some teach me and tell me what is going on

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    Hey Bit**** i had similar problem with my MOBO when installing Win2k or XP. I have the KX7-333R with a Ti4600 GF4. What i did was increase my CPU Voltage to 1.79 and that seemed to fix it. Window would setup and will not hang at startup. It might work on yours just make sure you have atleast a 350W PSU. What is it that happens you get a blue screen at setup? Talking about you change adapters blah blah? Oh, and btw you should always install your 4 in 1 first than your other drivers...always. Hope everything goes well...:thumb:


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      i try lah and thanks alot but if canot than what can i do ???


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        Bit what i would do is not even bother with increasing the voltage. You should bootup with a Win98 Floppy. Run fdisk and do your partitions there (they will be FAT32). Then format one of the partitions...After you the whole format process has been done. Restart your computer...and take out the floppy and boot from your XP cd. Remember to make an array before partioning and rememver to install you RAID drivers by pressing f6 at the very beginning of the XP setup. Try that out instead...:)


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          i did what u said but still got the same stupid problem than what now ???

          but i have fix the hardisk again than i use the xp to format is ok liow can boot but some time still hang at xp i install the service park liow than the driver also install liow still will hang can some want help me or did i make any thing error

          AMD-ATHLON-XP 1700
          ABIT KR7A-RAID
          GFORCE 2 MX-400 32MB
          256MB PC2100
          2*40GB MAXTOR 5400RPM HARDISK
          Soundblaster live!


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            Did you do exactly what i suggested...Run a Minimal Boot from your A: drive (floppy) run fdisk and erase any partions you have made before (if you have any), next partition your HD. I like using two partitions so Partition yours (i have mine as C: 1/3 of my HD and D:2/3 of my HD) after you partition format your C: partion as a FAT32 with your WIN98 bootup floppy. do all of that of course after you made your RAID ARRAYs and selected a bootable HD from Highpoint's BIOS. If you formatted succesfully you are on the go. Pop in your XP cd and Boot from it; install your RAID drivers from Highpoint's floppy and the rest is cool...hopefully. Install as FAT 32 ...'don't bother with D: yet just install Xp into C: and everything goes can always format in Windows.
            GOOD LUCK BIT! :thumb:


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              same same same the system is still the same ....

              i think i give up liow lah .i do what u said and still the same stupid problem

              any more option than i can chose....................


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                Bit i'm sorry but i dunno what to tell you know man...i mean it seemed to work for me...but...i dunnno...maybe one of the other guys can help and have an idea on what to do.:confused:


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                  i also farce this problem i am also sorry becouse i still have the problem and than alot lah ....

                  i think my main board got problem lah so say than u to u 1st than u use abit no pb lah lah