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    I also want to install a slave drive but what would I have to do? I already formatted it and installed XP Professional on it. I changed the jumpers to Slave, the main drive is on Master. When i boot up it all starts fine and I go to My Computer and there is no other drive. Help!!!!:shoot3:

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    OK, I'm a bit confused again.
    You installed XP on your HDD set as Slave??

    If so, what OS is on the Master?
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      Now, I'm just taking a very wild guess here, but.....

      From what I'm guessing, you've got two HDDs. On the master you've got a copy of Windows 95/98/98SE/ME, and on the Slave you've got XP. When you boot, it loads from the Master (Windows 9x) and when you go to My Computer, you can't see the slave drive (Win XP)... Is that right?

      If that is right.. then (again, I'm taking a stab in the dark here) you've probably got your XP drive formatted using NTFS, which can't be read from Windows 9x.


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        That's my best guess too Beefy.

        If that is the case you'll need to use the XP as master cause it will be handling the dual boot process. Of course you'll need to use FAT32 like he pointed out.

        But it's all just theory at this point -- awaiting confirmation.
        The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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          Ok here is how it goes, my main drive(master) has XP and my other drive(slave) also has XP. My main drive has NTFS and other drive is Fat 32. I hope this helps. Both are connected and powered.:shoot3: :shoot2:


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            is there a reason for having installed an o/s on both disks or do you just need the secon disk for starage purposes?:)


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              The second disk is just an older 10 GB hard drive I want to keep media files I download(mp3,mpeg,avi,etc.) and I also have a program called Virtual Drive which I use to keep game cds on my hard drive so I don't have to look for them every time.:shoot3: :shoot2:


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                if the drive has been setup in the bios, my best guess is you need to check disk management, possibly your new drive has notbeen assigned a drive letter


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                  that happend to me once
                  out of the blue it "lost" its drive letter?????
                  newasy its a quick fix
                  never happend again, just that once:bounce: