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  • Hard Drive Problems

    Ok, I need some major help. I have installed a hard drive on a Compaq Presario 5460 and it says the hard drive only has 30 GB when it should have 60 GB. What can I do to fix this problem. I also installed an 80 GB and it also says that it only has 30 GB. I formatted it twice and it still says it only has 30 GB what can i do ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?:shoot3:

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    There is a couple reasons that it might only be picking up the drive as 30GB....

    1. Your BIOS is set with your old HDD settings
    2. Your computer doesn't support hard drives over 32GB
    3. The jumpers on the hard drive are set to the 32GB limit

    They'd be the three main ones that I can see....


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      How would I change the BIOS settings in the Compaq it doesnt seem to have anything for the HD? If thats not it then how would i change the jumpers to get it to the full 60 GB?:shoot3:


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        Looking at your system, it doesn't appear that it will support large hard drives because of it's age. Check out this link and see if it matches the specs on your system. I'm betting that a major upgrade, or even better, a new system is in order.
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          for what Compaq charges for system upgrades/parts (if it's even available for your system) you would be better of building a new one!


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            LOL, I am planning on improving upon this computer. It was giving to me a lil while back because the harddrive was messed up and now I want to somewhat improve upon it. I have the case ordered[pic below, I really like the fans on the side(its on both sides)]and I just need to buy some other stuff like the processor. Should I get AMD or P4, I want AMD but I dont want it to end up frying and have to buy a new one. Of course ive been told that a good heatsink and cooler will do fine. What do you think?:shoot3: :shoot2:


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              Unless your extremly incompetant, you have little to worry about frying your AMD cpu and having to replace it.

              As for what to get, its all up to what you need out of a computer. If you can get a decent board with all the features you need, and get a speedy cpu again with the features you need, go for it.

              Logic tells me youll probably end up with an Athlon XP with a board sporting the VIA KT333 chipset, else a P4 2.xGhz with a board sporting the new intel northbridge.