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  • Raid Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hi there
    i am building a system based on a msi ultra motherboard.
    it has on board support for raid and i would like to find out how to connect the whole lot? i want to install 4 hard drives. will they be viewed as one or 2 virtual drives in windows. i want to set it ip for raid 0 (striping) please let me know if anyone can help with this question.

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    Use 4 identical drives (faster the better). Use two of the 4 cables the drives came with.
    Set 2 drives to master and 2 to slave. Connect 1 master and 1 slave two each cable (master at end of cable). Connect 1 cable to 1 RAID IDE port and connect the other cable to the remaining RAID IDE port. Do all of this after mounting them in the case.
    I highly recommend mounting them in a server case w/active cooling (fans) directly on the drives. Those babies are going to produce a lot of heat.
    Consult the motherboard manual on how to set up the drives in the RAID bios.
    All four drives will be seen as one drive (i.e. 40gig x 4=160gig).
    Enjoy the speed!

    AMD Athlon 1.2Ghz
    Iwill KA266 motherboard
    512m DDR Ram
    2-40g IBM in RAID 0 w/active cooling
    60g Maxtor/20g Maxtor on ATA100 controller card
    GeForce4 64m video
    Sound Blaster Live!
    Linksys LAN w/broadband
    3com modem
    Antec SOHO server case
    Plextor 16/10/40 CD-RW
    Pioneer DVD-116
    Viewsonic A90f monitor
    Way to much other stuff!


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      Also, realize that the failure of even one drive will completely hose everything, so BACKUP!!!!!!! Often!!


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        useing 4 drives on 2 ide channels isnt that great
        that means u will always have 2 drives attemping to write(or read) at the same time on each ide

        it would be better just going for 2 bigger drives, both set to master or getting a raid controller with 4 ide channels


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          Sorry seabird2k, I have to disagree.
          One of the reasons why itís called a controller card (i.e. SCSI, ATA, or RAID) is that it controls when data is written to the drives. Each drive is precisely controlled and orchestrated on when to read or write by the RAID controller.
          Data collision is non-excitant.
          Try it. Running 4 drives in RAID 0 is even faster that running two.


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            yeah 4 is better than 2 BUT
            2 devices cant write on the same ide channel at once:confused:
            thats y that mobo with 4 ide raid + 2 ide normal is w00t
            also that is y u get 4 ide channels on dedicated pci raid cards:smokin: