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What does "DMA transfers" mean?

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  • What does "DMA transfers" mean?

    I just discovered that i have had it disabled, i enabled it and now my speed when i move large files from one part of my disc to another has greatly improved...! Yes I know not smart but, i'm learning more every day... hehe

    My harddrive is split up in two pieces C: and D:

    If anyone have the time maybe he/she could explain what this means... /Thanks.

    (Sorry for my bad English)


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    DMA stands for Direct Memory Access. It allows your hard drive and the OS to work together to transfer data that it thinks will be called for to the RAM. Since your system memory is by far faster than your hard drive, it makes file transfers and even programs go faster and more smoothly.

    There's more to it than that, but at least this should give you an idea as to what it is all about. Just search the internet for information on DMA to learn more. :)
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