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loading recovered data back into itunes?

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  • loading recovered data back into itunes?

    OK, so i hope i am posting this in somewhat the right forum, i apologize if im not:

    OK, so the other night i lost 60 gb of music/videos/pictures from my ipod. It said i had a bad preferences file, anyway i ran Ontrack Easy Recovery Professional and i got back all 60+ gb!!! It got back every file that was lost, however

    So this is great and all, but all the files i got back have different names, and are thus unrecognizable to itunes, they play fine, but there is absolutely NO indication of what artist/album/genre etc..

    is there any way that any of you all know that i could somehow get this info back, otherwise i have 60 gb of music with corrupt file names, here is an example of what the file names are,

    anybody that can help or point me in the direction of where to find some help i would greatly appreciate it,

    the report is too small to post as a txt attachment so i will just post the first part

    Ontrack EasyRecovery - DeletedRecovery
    Copyright© 2002-2006 Ontrack Data Recovery Inc.
    Report Created 2/7/2006 @ 1:18 AM

    Source Drive: Apple iPod
    Source Partition: E:\ <IPOD >
    9076 files selected to recover.
    66.84 GB data to recover.

    _INAL_~1.PDF 45.62 MB 12/4/2005 D X
    ._final_denver_real.pdf 82 Bytes 1/18/2006 D X
    final_imbedded.indd 243.95 MB 12/4/2005 D X
    ._final_imbedded.indd 4.03 KB 1/18/2006 D X
    ~final_imbedded~2h)8sc.idlk 0 Bytes 1/18/2006 D
    tesE.tmp 0 Bytes 1/18/2006 D
    Attemping to overwrite
    ~final_imbedded~2h)8sc.idlk 0 Bytes 1/18/2006 D
    _ES22.TMP 0 Bytes 1/18/2006 D
    liitle_leaf_linden.pdf 70.92 KB 1/24/2006 D X
    liitle_leaf_linden_color.pdf 490.35 KB 1/24/2006 D X


    _YTJ.M4A 4.13 MB 6/28/2005 D X
    _DUK.M4A 4.44 MB 6/28/2005 D X
    _AAW.M4A 11.02 MB 12/30/2004 D
    _IEE.MP3 2.71 MB 3/1/2005 D
    _IQA.M4A 3.47 MB 2/27/2005 D X
    _KPT.M4A 2.57 MB 3/2/2005 D X
    _UMF.M4A 9.43 MB 1/16/2005 D
    _IRB.M4A 4.14 MB 2/27/2005 D X
    _WKV.M4A 4.24 MB 1/4/2004 D X
    _AEK.M4A 1.36 MB 1/7/2005 D X
    _QWD.M4A 4.62 MB 3/2/2005 D X
    _EKF.M4P 3.82 MB 8/10/2005 D X
    _ZZP.M4A 2.67 MB 11/22/2004 D X
    _PKT.M4P 2.19 MB 6/21/2005 D X
    _PLU.M4A 3.11 MB 3/7/2005 D X
    _QJM.M4A 4.09 MB 11/24/2004 D X
    _ERA.M4A 4.51 MB 6/5/2005 D X
    _QSX.M4P 3.40 MB 6/21/2005 D X
    _INW.M4A 4.22 MB 1/16/2005 D X
    _ZZK.MP3 8.65 MB 3/24/2005 D
    _ICV.M4A 8.12 MB 3/6/2005 D X
    _KPL.M4A 13.84 MB 2/10/2005 D

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    Re: loading recovered data back into itunes?

    This is a common problem with data recovery although most people are over joyed they have got their data back they don't really care about the file names. Am I right in presuming you don't still have the data on your drive which you originally loaded into iTunes with the original names. Other than trying another file recovery program (I use file scavenger) you may have to accept renaming the files. I just seems that file names are the first things to get lost when data is deleted.


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      Re: loading recovered data back into itunes?

      en , you can try some other data recovery software such as EASEUS DataRecoveryWizard to recover files.

      Download demo version:

      You can use "AdvancedRecovery" to scan your corrupted partition. After the scan is complete, the lost file will be displayed in DataRecoveryWizard, you can select them and recover them.