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  • which is faster

    Is a 20gig 7200rpm 33 udma faster than a 30gig 4500rpm 66? Got one of each and don't know which to use for OS. Soyo dragon plus mobo and 1800xp chip coming for xmas. Glad to see your back. Thanks.:confused:

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    Well the 7200rpm one may not burst from it's cache as fast as the other but on a sustained burst depleating the caches it should be faster but the best way to tell would be using a HHD benchmark program to be sure. :smokin:


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      You will get much better overall performance and system performance from a 7200rpm ATA-33 drive than a 5400rpm ATA-66 drive.

      I saw a site do a comparison review to show this before, but forgot where. I'm thinking it was Tech Report, but don't quote me on that. ;)


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        Thanx, That will help me allot. Xmas is coming my systems getting FAT. ED


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          oh, probably be about the same...go buy a new hd

          if you live in the states, i saw an ad for a wd 100gig hd for 219 then MINUS 100 bucks rebate...

          119 bucks for a 100gig hd...:)


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            It also depends on the data density as well. My 15.3GB WD Caviar 153BA is a 7200RPM drive, at 10GB/platter. Mum has a 30.6GB WD Caviar 306AB 5400RPM drive at 20GB/platter. It kicks the backside off my Caviar because it has a greater data density :(
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              use both and see, remember to use NTFS though...