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Minor HDD prob

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  • Minor HDD prob

    I recently added a 2nd HD to my system(seagate 40gig) as slave. after fdisking & formatting all seems ok except for 2 small things. firstly i partioned drive into 2 equal parts using fdisk but windows is reporting 1st partition as the full size of the drive(38gig) and 2nd partition as half the size(18gig), can i fix this?? secondly windows has not placed new drive(s) in correct order, ie master has 4 partitions being c,d,e & f and burner is G and cdrom is H, but after installing new HD instead of making burner & cdrom I & J it has left them as G & H and made new drive as I & J. Should/can i fix this?

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    You can manualy specify the drive letter or give it a range where it will choose the lowest letter, you do this in device manager.
    Bring up the properties of your cd drive and on the second tab (in win 98) there is a list of things one of them is that.

    As for the partion space windows smiply ****s up some times on drive space, it's allways good to put in a floppy disk and see 1gig free come up :D


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      allso on the hard drive you could try updating you bios, it could be getting confused with the big disk.


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        You can change the drive letters for everything except your boot/system drive by using computer management (in administrative tools in control panel). The disk management tool will allow you to change the drive letter assignments. You can also repartition the new drive to what you need "on the fly" from in there.


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          i take it fragman ur refering to windows XP
          , or is my 98SE mising a control panel extension thingy.


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            ok guys, i have fixed the wrong reporting of the 1st partition size by simply refdisking and reformatting, all is ok there now, but it still reports drive/s after cdrom & burner ( i thought cdrom and/or burner were always placed last?) tried to access the Disk Management Tool in Administrative Tools but for some reason its disabled and havent been able to enable it, even though i'm the administrator, so i think i'll leave it just as it is. thanks for ya help guys:)