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SATA RAID Array and CD-ROM on one controller?

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  • SATA RAID Array and CD-ROM on one controller?

    I'm building a system for my friend and I can't figure out how to configure the BIOS to allow a bootable SATA RAID 0 array while still allowing a bootable SATA CD-ROM drive on the same controller. It's an Abit mobo with the 925XE and ICH6R chipset. If I set the SATA controller to RAID mode, I can create a bootable array but it won't boot from the CD-ROM drive. Is it even possible to have a RAID array and a CD-ROM drive on the same controller or do I have to get a separate controller card?

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    Re: SATA RAID Array and CD-ROM on one controller?

    Hmmm... I haven't played with this concept so make sure you let us know how you work it out.

    Does the mainboard have 4 SATA ports? If so it is likely it has both a controller from the Southbridge and another add-on chipset embedded on the mainboard (Promise makes one version of this and they are a popular option on many high-end boards). If this is the case you should be able to run the RAID from one set of ports while still allowing the SATA CD-ROM to be hooked up on the other controller and setting a proper boot sequence within BIOS. If it only has two SATA ports or does not have a separate SATA controller built onto the board then I don't know for sure.
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