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raid 0 and partitions?

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  • raid 0 and partitions?

    In a raid 0 configuration, where you use 2 hd as one with a higher speed, is it possible to have different partitons ? and does anybody know wether this hd have to be the same size?
    please let me know

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    Yes , you can have multiple partions, the O/S basicly see the array as one large drive.
    And No drives do not have to match, however you will be limited by the size of the smaller drive, and by the speed of the slower drive.
    In some cases, speed/size/sector/ conflicts will make the array unusable, or slower than the same drives run seperatly, so match drives are always recomended. Also, this is not the place to use old or questionable drives, as when using raid 0, if either drive dies, YOU lose all your data.