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Maxtor 160Gb problems...

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  • Maxtor 160Gb problems...

    I am at a friends place currently and I need help making windows recognize the HDD stated above. The bios sees it but it doesnt show up in My computer.

    The system is an Athlon thunderbird Core 1.0GHz @ 1.1GHz the mobo is a Micro-Star International MS-6341 with a Via chipset and award bios. It has 256 PC2100 RAM at 2-2-2-5 timings.

    Any ideas on what to do here? We need to figure this out fairly soon as he needs the space.

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    Re: Maxtor 160Gb problems...

    You're playing with an older system so the first thing to try is to break it into two partitions. That era of machine likely won't read anything over 137GB on size so you need to fool the system. A pair of 80GB partitions should do the trick nicely if all you're after is space.
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      Re: Maxtor 160Gb problems...

      Thanks darth, though we finaly figured out it was his CDROM that was sending funney signals to the motherboard, just got rid of it cuz it was dieing anyway and windows then saw the disk, the hard drive worked out to be ok and we didnt need to use any kind of partitioning trick to make it see the full drive. He just needs to work out the bugs in his windows XP install now. Thanks again.