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  • 1st time new build

    This is my first time building a system and my knowledge gaps are I'm sure both surprising and funny. However,I am committed to finishing this project. I have a Gigabyte GA-8irxp motherboard which has ATA 133 RAID. Should I use this drive to install my maxtor ultra/ata 133 hardrive??? Any answers,comments,jokes,or insults are appreciated.

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    Normally if you only have one drive, it is much better to use the onboard IDE connectors instead of the RAID ones. It is indeed possible to use the onboard RAID controller to power your ATA/133 drive, but generally speaking stick with your onboard controller :thumb:


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      Thanks for the quick response. One more question down and only 178 more to go.


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        Originally posted by philg
        Thanks for the quick response. One more question down and only 178 more to go.

        Well you know where to ask :wave:


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          You go philg!!:thumb:
          Nothing like building your very own.
          The exhiliration - the excitement - the intensity - the plain ol' just not knowing.
          Quite an experience, best of luck to you!
          We're rooting for you dude. :)


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            OK, my next gap involves how to transfer or clone my old hardrive onto my new system. Actually I am building 2 new sytems at the same time.They have identical components,so i need to transfer my old hardrive data twice.My old system only has a floppy and CD Rom with a 3 G hdd. I am trying to find answers on the net before asking these questions,but I have found that answers for real specific ?'s are hard to come by other than the forums.


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              What you speak of is possible, yet painfully impracticle.
              Best bet is to install the OS and drivers to the new systems. Then using a network, or simply temporarily installing the old drive in a new system. Then just copy data from one drive to another.
              Just cloning will most likely cause major headaches due to differences in system configuration.

              If both of your new systems are indeed identical, you will only have to do that once and then clone that drive for the new one.